In June of 2003 I began this web site at the suggestion of some friends, not knowing if it would be a long term project or a passing fancy. I think it's safe to say that it's here to stay. I would be going to these concerts regardless of the web site but the sharing with other "like minded" people adds another dimension to the experience and to the enjoyment. I really appreciate all the music lovers who I've met specifically because of this site, and especially the people who regularly read the site. Thanks to all.

The first song I ever became emotionally involved with was "I Will Follow Him" by Little Peggy March.  I was 9 years old and every time it came on the radio I would turn it up and sing along. It was not long after that the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan for the first time. That one moment in time was so exciting to me that I have essentially spent the rest of my life trying to duplicate that feeling, and have succeeded often.

One question that pops up on occasion is why Hoppersmusic? Several years after my Sullivan revelation, a series of events during a basketball game led to me being given the nickname Hopper. Everyone who knew me from about age 17 to 20 called me Hopper, and a few still do. Ergo: Hoppersmusic

 This site contains reviews of shows I have attended beginning in 2003, an itemized list of shows from before 2003, my favorite CD's each year and suggestions of upcoming shows in the NYC area. It is not an all inclusive guide of what is going on in NYC but a listing of shows that I personally recommend or am curious about. The reviews will often be more my personal experience rather than a typical analytical newspaper review.

See you at a show,

Big Bill

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