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Lura : February 16th at S.O.B,'s

I saw Lura for the first time last month at Globalfest and was so impressed that I bought her CD/DVD on the spot. I went home and put the DVD in my player and called to Judy to come see this. After two songs Judy said "Wow, I'd like to see her", and I happily responded "She's at S.O.B.'s on February 12th".

We were both very disappointed when the blizzard of 2006 forced the cancellation of the show and conversely excited the next day when we discovered that it was rescheduled for Thursday the 16th. 

Lura was born and raised in Lisbon Portugal before returning to her familial and musical roots in The Cape Verde Islands off the coast of Senegal. This show was advertised as "The music of Cape Verde" and included most of the songs from her CD "di korpu ku alma" (of body and soul), several of which she wrote or co-wrote, along with an assortment of songs from Cape Verde. The music of Cape Verde is a melting pot of various traditional African and European styles to which Lura adds a contemporary feel.

I can't say enough about what an enjoyable show this was. Lura has a powerful and beautiful voice, a great band, a warm personality and stage presence that makes her a joy to watch. The songs were full of beautiful melodies and Afro/Caribbean rhythms that at times had the seated audience up and dancing. Her own dancing was very entertaining and Judy even wondered if she had studied dance. She's still a novice with the English language but managed to express herself admirably and was actually quite charming.                                                 

She had us all sing along on "Na Ri Na" and several other songs (I didn't know I spoke Portuguese either). I heard a beautiful harmony behind me and turned and realized that I was sitting right in front of Angelique Kidjo, one of my favorite singers who is originally from The Republic of Benin and is now a resident of Brooklyn. After the set Judy and I had a nice chat with Angelique. Apparently she feels the same as us about Lura.

Angelique Kidjo and Judy

On your top ten things to do this year I recommend you add, "Buy Lura CD" and  "See Lura in concert". It's likely you'll be seeing her on these pages again. If she comes to New York and I'm not there, check the hospitals.